Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching with me has a simple goal, to be an instrument to help you overcome your specific leadership challenges. By doing that you can obtain the new (and often times more meaningful) results you desire.

Through coaching you should discover new perspectives and possibilities that were previously unavailable to you. This only happens when you can enter into discussions that are challenging and in many cases uncomfortable or ambiguous. This allows you to, in a secure and trusting environment, step outside your body, examine what you are doing and noticing, and challenge yourself to see your world in new ways which allow you to clarify what you desire in your leadership journey, uncover new leadership acts, and ultimately, obtain new results for your organization.

By overcoming your leadership challenges through coaching, you will increase your observation muscles, and become more self-aware and more at choice about how you want to show up in the world based on what is critically important to you.

In short, leadership coaching also has a simple additional outcome… 
You will increase your leadership capacity forever.



Our goal will be to answer at least three questions:

  • Is there is a potential fit between the challenges you are facing and how coaching can support you to overcome them?
  • How might the coaching process be structured for you?
  • How will you know the coaching process has worked?


Your challenges are unique. They can only be solved by you. Coaching does not give you answers. It helps you increase your capacity to find them. I am here to support you do that.

Here is a sampling of challenges my clients faced when entering into a coaching relationship with me: